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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Godspeed You!black Emperor- Postrock Gets Serious in Asia

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GYBE came to our city bearing bad news in the form of doomy,hypnotic postrock anthems but they were greeted rapturously by the select band of devotees of postrock gathered in The Vine.
HK is becoming seriously cool when we can attract bands of this calibre to venues like The Vine instead of soulless arenas like Asiaworld.I can even forgive the band/the organisers for the agonizingly long wait which preceded the set!
Throughout the 2 hour set there were moments of stillness and delicate beauty in familiar favourite tracks like 'Gathering Storm' balancing the heavy postrock crescendos of newer material like 'Mladic'and fans were mesmerised.No chatting with the fans or polite exchanges.Just serious postrock.
Godspeed Godspeed!


1.Hope Drone 


3.Gathering Storm