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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Whitest Boy Alive-You Say Party We Say Party!

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Erlend Oye's electro outfit The Whitest Boy Alive leans more to the indie pop style than his better known Kings of Convenience alter ego but his charm and ability to communicate with the audience are a constant factor.This may not have been one of the most challenging of indie shows for the audience but it was definitely one of the most one comment on my video said 'A wonderful night....all people dance high' and the band did give the crowd a natural high in their 2 hour set.
I couldn't really make up my mind whether to go to this show but a friend had got some good seats so we decided to see if  Whitest Boy were as good or better live than Erlend Oye's other band, Kings Of Convenience.
First off,minus marks to Untitled Asia ,the organisers for having no crowd control.It's very annoying to find that late comers could just wander around at will when the show has started looking for their seats and blocking everyone else's view.Couldn't they at least let people wait till a break in the songs?
Also what's the point of having reserved seating if everyone can just rush to the front?Next time just say free seating and everyone will know what to expect.Don't get me wrong.It was hilarious the way everyone just charged forward but if only I'd known I coulda got to there first!

Ok how about the bands?The support act featured Analog Girl from Singapore,an electronic experimental artist who was given a warm reception for her electrodance beats. 
The Whitest Boy are one of the best live acts I've seen in Hong Kong but I still had a nagging feeling that the singalong ,arms waving,handclapping show backed by synthesised dance beats as well as a live drummer  was more pop than indie fare.Sure,the atmosphere was great and Erlend is such a charismatic performer nd lovl guy that it seems churlish to complain with a show full of big songs,geeky dancing and the rest but it still felt to .me like something was missing although most of he ecstatic crowd didn't agree.Party n dudes!

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