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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hong Kong's indie music scene-10 (Itta +Marqido) @ Videotage

Videotage is one of Hong Kong's main locales for experimental,cutting-edge  indie music and 10 (Itta x Marqido) are a perfect band for the venue with their quirky soundscapes and hitec-lowtec mix.
The Japanese/Korean duo were invited back to Hong Kong by Videotage to celebrate their Open Jams series ,open to anyone who is interested in experimental music and what they gave us was well,experimental,crazy and also quite a lot of fun.Maqido is a Japanese experimental artist who is more at home with a laptop than a guitar while Itta is more fascinated by noise whether it's created by melodica,keytar,children's toys or simply the human voice.

Itta the Korean vocalist takes the lead here with her stage moves and keytar and kids' toys playing but it's her vocals that really make an impression ,ranging from aethereal harmony to elemental yell.The effect is a bit like listening to 'Tomorrow Never Knows' recorded by Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd with a bit of My Bloody Valentine thrown into the mix.Unsurprisingly,the band have been described as both 'alluring' and 'bizarre'.Ok bizarre but never boring and the small crowd who turned out were rewarded with an unforgettable evening of intriguing ,noisy fun.Thank you Videotage,Paul Yip and all who helped give us this much joy on a weekday evening.

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