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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hong Kong indie music's Hidden Agenda-Unixx ,Fragile ,An IdSignal

Hong Kong's alternative music scene has a Hidden Agenda.Well away from the bright lights and expat-friendly areas like Central and Wanchai and surrounded by industrial buildings in the heart of Kowloon ,you can find this venue, a great place for local music fans and visitors alike to check out the authentic Hong Kong scene.
Last week we had Lonely China Day, a Beijing post rock outfit who've played at SXSW and other US festivals.This week it was the venue for the last gig in local shoegaze band Unixx's album release tour for their new album,'Seven Deadly Sins'.
Opening act was one of Hong Kong's most distinctive indie bands, an IdSignal.The band are
Leung Wing Lai (vocals), Chan Ho Nam (guitar), So Wai Ting (Bass) and Yu Sing Yin (drums),
The sound is like a crazy mixture of retro cantonese pop and garage with a unique delivery from  laid -back frontman Wing Lai.If you haven't yet seen this band you can still check out their album (with English translation handily provided).  
The bad news for Hong Kong postrock fans is that there are not enough bands playing in that style compared to other genres like metal, emo, britpop etc but the few bands here are excellent including Fragile.The band are Jacqueline, Sing (guitars), Tat (bass), Ho (drums), Kimberley (keyboard) and (intriguingly) software from Mono @ No One Remains Virgin (?).
Some classic postrock with songs building slowly from keyboard and guitar based melodies spiralling into full power ,ear-splitting climaxes.

The production and songwriting on Unixx second albums see them confidently expanding the garagey shoegaze sound of their first album into a format that owes more to postpunk and Noisepop and is much richer and more satisfying.on songs like 'Perfect Betrayer', 'Wasted' and the title track 'Seven Deadly Sins'.
On this showing the band have improved dramatically over the last year and are well worth checking out live with their full on wall of guitar shoegazey sound.There's a heavy ,introverted edge to the sound which reminds me of bands like Joy Division and Bauhaus.The new album 'Seven Deadly Sins ' is available in Whitenoiserecords,Causeway Bay.
Unixx (encore)'I Wanna Be Adored'

Hidden Agenda's next show  on 13th June will feature The Medullary Paralysis.

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