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Thursday, April 22, 2010

For anyone who wants to check out new bands on the indie music scene in Hong Kong get your ass along to one of the Underground's fortnightly shows. Chris B has been organising shows here for the past five years or so and has given bands like Chochukmo, Innisfallen, Audiotraffic, Velvette Vendetta and Unixx a platform to reach a wider audience before releasing their debut albums.While there are other promoers like White Noise Records and The Peoples' Party who focus more on leftfield, experimental bands from Asia and international bands, this is still the best place to check out new local indie bands in Hong Kong who are not scene specific.
I arrived late at the show but was in time to catch the set by OneLastFall, a heavy fivepiece band led by guitarist Faro with vocals from Sheila, second guitarist Rob, bassist Charles and drummer Maijd. The sound ranges between metal and emo with aggressive vocals and high energy guitar, driven by the energetic rhythm section of the band.It didn 't take long for the band to galvanise the crowd into a frenzy of headbanging and arm waving.Some ragged edges but still a very good live band and one to watch out for.
GoodFellas is a four piece band with Cheng Po Kei (Keith) on guitar and vocals, Egg Lo bass and vocals, and Angus Leung on rhythm guitar.
The band play in an infectious Britpop-influenced style.and the slightly differing vocal styles of Keith and Egg work well in their set blending fan favourites like 'Be With You', 'Move On' and some newer material that shows the band with a slightly more electro feel.Is this a move to a more MGMT sound?

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