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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The King Has Lost his Pink-Chochukmo release party

Life in Hong Kong is often stressful and demanding but help is at hand in the shape of one of the city's best young bands Chochukmo.
2009 has been a great year to be a follower of the indie music scene in Hong Kong and on any list of the best upcoming bands Chochukmo would be right up there near the top even at 'Number One'. Just ask Timeout Hong Kong who voted the band as winners of the 'We'll Make Your Album' competition.
It seems just like yesterday when the band won that competition (actually it's about a month ago) and now here already was their new album being unveiled (along with naked portaits of the band) at its release party. So is it and are they really that good?
Ok, as a fan I'm very biased but yes, the band and the album are definitely worth checking out.
Anyone who's followed the band over the last year will not be surprised to find that, as a debut, it's damn good, full of great songs and musical invention.
They kicked off the show with the album's quirky but likable opener 'Child Heights' before launching into the opening bars of' Tell Her (Laura I love Her) 'to raucous cheering from the audience followed by' Number One 'and incendiary versions of' Let Her Go 'and '1, 2,3,4'.
All too soon the band were playing the opening bars of 'Head To Toe' and the release party was over.
The show was also a tribute to the creative energy and love of indie that exists in the hearts of bands and fans all over Hong Kong.After the show Jan Chan Shui-Wing thanked us all for supporting the band, urging everyone to follow their example and do something creative to liven up this dull city.
Chochukmo 'Head To Toe' @ The King Has Lost His Pink

'The King has Lost His Pink' is in record stores now.

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