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Friday, October 9, 2009

Rockraiser Festival

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The Hong Kong indie kid is finally coming of age on a day which saw a host of great bands lining up for a kids' fundraising extravaganza just hours before the awesome British Sea Power took to the stage. Thanks to Kap Liu of Crazy Young Master Hong Kong had its very own all day mini-festival featuring well-established Beijing bands New Pants and Queen Sea Big Shark alongside local rising stars Chochukmo and Modern Children just 1 week after our beaches were rocked for 3 days by more than 30 bands in the Silvermine Bay Music Festival.
Hoghlights of the show for me were sets by Modern Children and Chochukmo and the aforementioned Beijing garage-punk rocksters Queen Sea Big Shark and New Pants.Unlike the earlier scheduled version of this event back in April, we had a sunny afternoon to rock out beside the South China Sea.
Typically for this event, there was a relaxed family atmosphere with lots of extremely young rock fans getting into the action.
Modern Children are one of the many promising young bands on the Hong Kong indie circuit with lots of ideas, a unique folk-rock style and a perfect band for the occasion, kind of like Arcade Fire on an up day meets Noah and The Whale. Perfect indie folk-pop.
Chochukmo are the perfect band for any event as their playing can flow betwen pop, rock, latin and jazz.
Jan, Mike, Lester and Kitty aka Chochukmo are really getting better and better in their live shows.Having just returned from a successful tour they've also been voted best new band in Hong Kong and are currently producing their debut album.One of Hong Kong's most quirky and individual bands, they play in a style that encompasses, rock, pop, and latin with lead vocalist Jan's mercurial vocals leading the sonic intricacies and shifting mood changes.The band played a great set with favourites like 'Caroline'and' Number One ', closing with a jangly upbeat version of' Head To Toe '
Queen Sea Big Shark generated the kind of excitement that local fans always display for visiting mainland cousins as the band powered through their set, opening with a gentle electro-pop number before launching into their more typical spiky, hook-laden, new wave garage rock with synthesised loops in 'No, No No!', 'Kiss, Kill Bang!', 'Love is Pop'and other favourites from their debut album, complete with pounding drums from Xiao Wu, infectious guitar riffs from Cao Pu , strident bass from Wang Jinghan and Fu Han one of the current Beijing's scene's most appealing vocalists.The band were chosen to support The Yeah Yeah Y eahs.

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