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Friday, October 9, 2009

Do You Like Rock Music?

What a great combination for an alternative music band show.
The Yours ,a local outfit whose heavy,alienated sound is a bit like Spacemen 3 jamming with the Telescopes and British Sea Power ,whose mood can shift from the darkly uplifting,anthemic 'Waving Flags' on 'Do You Like Rock Music?' to the melancholy 'No Man is an Archipeligo' on' Man of Aran'and whose preoccupations range from subatomic particles ('Atom') to the environment (LIghts Out For Darker Slies').
Grappa's Hong Kong was packed to witness this gig set up by Justin Sweeting and the People's Party.Local heroes The Yours opened with their dark ,shoegazy sound and lots of new songs to be featured on their soon to be released album.Like the main band they have lots of passion for rock music although their style can be a little harder to get into and they seem to enjoy creating a moody,alienated sound which defies labels..Listening to their song 'Tasteless' ,you might well hear echoes of My Bloody Valentine but there's a lot of other things in the mix.To their credit ,they are one of the Hong Kong bands who have already created interest in publications like Drowned in Sound for their debut EP.
British Sea Power began their set in a fairly low-key way before climbing the heights with songs taken mainly from 'Do You Like Rock Music' apart from the anthemic 'Please Stand Up', the cinematic 'The Great Skua' and fan favourites 'Carrion' and 'Remember Me' but the band demonstrated that you can be a good indie band if you write good songs and a great indie band if you just defy genres like indie,rock,britpop,and experimental,mix them all together and see what happens.
The band have been described as eccentric live performers but the lead vocalist Scott is more like a performance artist than a rock star as he windmills his arms,crowd surfs and encourages the band and audience to come together and to revel in the unique musical experience that is a British Sea Power gig.Unforgettable.
By the time of the encore,he's invited the support band on stage to jam,bodysurf and have some fun with the band,the audience,everyone.I think the last song was 'A Wooden Horse' but I'm not sure,such was the mayhem created by one of indie's best live bands.

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