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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Handsome Furs live in Hong Kong

With so many great new indie bands around it's great to see that we can check out some of them in small ,intimate venues like Grappa's in Hong Kong,thanks to Justin and The People's Party.
This gig saw up-and-coming and highly-rated Canadian band The Handsome Furs (fronted by Dan Bechner of Wolf Parade) paired up in an inriguing contrast with local heroes Noughts and Exxes,balancing the subtle,melancholic songs of Joshua Wong's band with the equally clever but more in-your-face style of the Canadian rocksters and Dan Bechner's anthemic,Springsteen -like vocals.
Noughts and Exxes live @ Grappa's

Ok,Handsome Furs really do sound even better,punkier and edgier live than on the new album and onstage they display the kind of energy that galvanises the audience into an uncontrollable frenzy as they launch into a bunch of songs from 'Face Control',gyrating ecstatically to the heavenly crescendo they create,always maintaining a beautiful,simple rock groove on songs like 'I'm Confused',''Legal Tender' and 'Radio Kalingrad',the dark menace of the lyrics always undercut by the upbeat driving tempo of the songs and the couple's obvious delight in performing.Dancing maniacally around the stage like rock'n'roll heroes Dan and Alexai just wound up the crowd to higher and higher levels of excitement with a bunch of beat-driven,hook-laden,super energetic,anthemic songs.One of 2009's best gigs in this city and a sign that the indie scene in Hong Kong is really maturing.Please, People's Party,lets have more.On my wish list would be Florence and The Machine,Los Campesinos and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.Oh ,and a return visit of The Handsome Furs would be great,too.

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