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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beijing wonderkids Carsick Cars live in Hong Kong

What a great gig for indie music fans in Hong Kong with two of Beijing's best bands performing at The Hangout.
Highlight of the show was a storming performance by headline act Carsick cars ,the Beijing band who've attracted international interest after performing with Sonic Youth,a moody ,rebellious racket that left our ears ringing.
First on were local band Unixx with some songs from their debut 'Nasty Fantasy' and a taste of some of their newer material which is heavier .In this band you can hear a reinterpretation of the classic,dark ,gothic style mixed with conventional rock. With Ed Poon's emotional guitar lead combining with Sean's vocals UNiXX's sound is melodic post-punk.
A Roller Control ,featuring Lona Records Alok Leung on bass is a heavy,dance-friendly monster which would be a welcome addition to any indie club night.From the moment Alok's heavy ,funky bass lines blasted out,complemented by percussion and all manner of electronica ,it was time to party.
A Roller Control is a 'Disco Punk band' consisting of Alok (programming / bass / guitars), Nerve (programming / keyboard), Nadim (vocals / guitar / keyboard), K (Vocals / keyboard) and Sebastian (drums...)
The Gar were a spectacular surprise.Less well known than the more acclaimed Carsick Cars,their set was full of intricate ,rocking guitar riffs and big songs with anthemic choruses that recalled early british bands like The Stone Roses,mixed with an amazing psychedelic guitar style.What seems at first like a maelstrom of sound has lots of intricate layers and textures.
The Gar live in Hong Kong

Carsick Cars gained deserved recognition due to their association with Sonic Youth who nominated them as their favourite Chinese band and their set had all the excitement you could demand of an upcoming indie guitar band.
Their sound is influenced by the Velvet Underground, Suicide and Sonic Youth and is a combination of explosive guitar and stabbing rhythms.
The band consists of Jeff Shou Wang on vocals, guitar, and loops, Li Qing on percussion, and Li Weisi on bass guitar.
Carsick Cars 'Zhong Nan Hai'


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