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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beijing Band Retros Tour '09

Beijing may have more and better bands than Hong Kong because of the comparative sizes of the two cities but it was still a great chance for local indie fans to enjoy and compare the performances of top Beijing band Retros and local indie band The Yours.Both bands have a liking for the darker side of indie but Retros have a more post-punk Gang of Four sound and The Yours are firmly in the shoegaze style of bands like The Telescopes and My Bloody Valentine.In support were The S.I.G.I.T. an Indonesian metal band playing an impressive set with lots of influences from classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The band are just back from a US tour ,playing in California and LA and having made a strong impression on their debut at the now renowned SXSW music festival.They rocked out the packed venue with a metalcore wig-out on songs like 'Horse' ,'No Hook' and 'Alright'.
The SIGIT live @ ReTROS Tour '09
The Yours , one of Hong Kong's best and edgiest young bands with a debut album that gained them recognition and praise in indie publications like Drowned in Sound ,their set moved the mood of the evening to a sombre shade of dark with songs like 'Hate You Hate Me'and 'Killer Killed.'This band started out with lots of shoegaze influences but now have a harder sound that's more like a mix between shoegaze,post-punk early Velvet Underground .Their moody noise ,with disaffected vocals and stabbing guitars from Jack and Nic and driving beats from Azia and Ho is the perfect soundtrack for rebellious indie fans.
The Yours live @ Fringe Club ReTROS Tour '09
Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues (Re-Tros) from Beijing see themselves as a return to the basic values from the bygone post-punk era.
Hua Dong (Vox & Guitars) credits bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, Television, and Pere Ubu among his greatest influences and this is in evidence most clearly on songs like 'Bela Lugosi's Back.' Lead vocalist Dong 's menacing,agitated style is perfectly suited to the doomy,dystopian lyrics about modern fractured life in songs like 'Surrender','My Great Location'and 'Boys in Cage' .Dong's vocals with Min's harmonies manage to make the sound both threateniing and aethereal while the songs are filled with addictive hooks and driving,heavy beats from Hui on drums.If Joy Division were reformed in 21st Century Beijing,this how they might sound.Nihilistic post-punk at its best.
ReTROS Tour '09 Hong Kong 'Girl Bye Bye'

Re-Tros has just released their debut full length album Watch Out! The Climate Has Changed Fat Mum Rises…with additional percussion and strings .

Monday, March 9, 2009

Young Knives live in Hong Kong

Good to see that Hong Kong is now attracting younger indie bands from the UK to smaller,more intimate venues as well as the superstars like Oasis,Coldplay to mega-arenas.
Multi-national band Poubelle International (Trashcan International ),now resident in Hong Kong, kicked off the show with a tight,rocking set that livened up the audience before the main attraction.,UK band Young Knives.
The band,dressed in matching white T-shirts with the numbers '1','2' and '3',have a raucous ,garage band sound with a retro-60's feel and they really had the crowd moving with songs like 'School Reunion' and 'Disaster'.
Poubelle International live @ Grappa's
After touring the UK and the US,Young Knives made a welcome return to Hong Kong and Asia,having headlined the Clockenflap festival in Hong Kong last year.The band have been steadily gaining fans and critical plaudits on the back of their first two albums with a bunch of great songs and some mentoring by Gang of Four's Andy Gill.The band eschews the intensity of bands like Bloc Party or the nu-rave of Foals for a playfully serious style on favourites like 'Weekdays and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)' and "Turn Tail' and Grappa's is soon a mass of fans grooving or just leaping about wildly to their jagged ,infectious rhythms.It's an impressive set from the trio as they power their way through a set of ridiculously brilliant songs.Hong Kong promoters,more new young bands please from the UK,US,China,Japan!
Young Knives live in Hong Kong