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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The King Has Lost his Pink-Chochukmo release party

Life in Hong Kong is often stressful and demanding but help is at hand in the shape of one of the city's best young bands Chochukmo.
2009 has been a great year to be a follower of the indie music scene in Hong Kong and on any list of the best upcoming bands Chochukmo would be right up there near the top even at 'Number One'. Just ask Timeout Hong Kong who voted the band as winners of the 'We'll Make Your Album' competition.
It seems just like yesterday when the band won that competition (actually it's about a month ago) and now here already was their new album being unveiled (along with naked portaits of the band) at its release party. So is it and are they really that good?
Ok, as a fan I'm very biased but yes, the band and the album are definitely worth checking out.
Anyone who's followed the band over the last year will not be surprised to find that, as a debut, it's damn good, full of great songs and musical invention.
They kicked off the show with the album's quirky but likable opener 'Child Heights' before launching into the opening bars of' Tell Her (Laura I love Her) 'to raucous cheering from the audience followed by' Number One 'and incendiary versions of' Let Her Go 'and '1, 2,3,4'.
All too soon the band were playing the opening bars of 'Head To Toe' and the release party was over.
The show was also a tribute to the creative energy and love of indie that exists in the hearts of bands and fans all over Hong Kong.After the show Jan Chan Shui-Wing thanked us all for supporting the band, urging everyone to follow their example and do something creative to liven up this dull city.
Chochukmo 'Head To Toe' @ The King Has Lost His Pink

'The King has Lost His Pink' is in record stores now.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Los Campesinos at Clockenflap

Hong Kong indie music fans were out in force on Saturday to see the most ambitious show of 2009 so far with local rising stars Good Fellas and Chochukmo, fan favourites False Alarm and the awesomely talented UK band Los Campesinos.Just add a nice outdoor location with warm weather and sea breezes, film shows, graffiti artists, and a bouncy castle for lots of fun for all ages .....(with lots more on the Sunday which i missed but check out for more info).
I just got there in time to see an energetic set from Good Fellas, one of Hong Kong 's promising young bands playing a set of Britpop-influenced songs.This band have been getting better each time I've seen them and this was their tightest set yet with rocking versions of 'Ride With Me' and ' Nothing About My Way '. With Egg from The Train alongside Po Kei on vocals and Angus from Born To Hula they're now one of Hong Kong's best Britpop style bands and well worth checking out...
I first saw Joshua Wong, the lead vocalist and songwriter of Noughts and Exxes in January in one of the best attended shows I've seen for his former band Whence He Came and his band were on fire at that show.. He has moved away from the more up-tempo sound of his previous band to something more complex and darker but the great vocals , well written songs and passion are still evident.
Having recently seen the turnout for the 10th Anniversary show of False Alarm it's clear that this band have a big local following.They and Harbour Records were right in the vanguard of today's alternative Hong Kong scene and their energetic, garage-punk set gave us some reasons why they have lasted so long and are still going strong with songs like 'Heavenly' and ' Give Me More. '
Chochukmo were winners of the recent Time Out Hong Kong 'We'll Make Your Album competition.Wthin the space of their first song they'd won over all of the crowd who weren't fans already with their quirky melodies,jangly guitars and Jan's delicate but passionate vocals.on songs like 'Head To Toe','Carolyn' and the darkly humorous 'Number One.'The band play jangly,latin,jazzy electro-pop.

Pet Conspiracy deliver moody but upbeat Beijing style garage synth rock in the style of Queen Sea Big Shark .The band members have impressive backgrounds in music and media and they created an energetic, dark, sexy, downbeat sound with Helen Feng (lead vocals) transporting the audience to new levels of electro-clash ecstasy. If you missed the excitement of their live show then you should get a copy of their album in White Noise Records
Alexis Taylor DJ set was next up (a bit of an anti-climax after the audience expectations based on albums like 'The Warning' and 'Made in the Dark').
Los Campesinos.This set was the highlight of the show and possibly the whole of 2009 in Hong Kong.The band are talented, write great songs (with crazy but oddly appropriate titles like "Ha Ha We destroyed the hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics', are generally lauded as one of the most promising of the current contenders and have a sound that's unique among today's indie clone bands with its mix of elation and melancholy of elation and melancholy.
The moment the band launched into 'You'll Need Those Fingers For Crossing', the crowd went wild and just got wilder as the set progressed to an awesome climax in 'You! Me! Dancing! "
A Timeout Hong Kong writer stated recently that this is a highly entrepreneurial city even in musical terms.Yet another characteristic is the city's ability to appreciate and play music that is a little more challenging than that created by platinum-selling indie megabands .

Note for the organisers of Clockenflap.Please bring all these bands back soon!I'm sure that fans will turn out in numbers for big shows with Greenday and the Killers in January but events like Clockenflap display an appetite for indie music that's a a bit more individual and less market driven than the world tours of rock megastars.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Do You Like Rock Music?

What a great combination for an alternative music band show.
The Yours ,a local outfit whose heavy,alienated sound is a bit like Spacemen 3 jamming with the Telescopes and British Sea Power ,whose mood can shift from the darkly uplifting,anthemic 'Waving Flags' on 'Do You Like Rock Music?' to the melancholy 'No Man is an Archipeligo' on' Man of Aran'and whose preoccupations range from subatomic particles ('Atom') to the environment (LIghts Out For Darker Slies').
Grappa's Hong Kong was packed to witness this gig set up by Justin Sweeting and the People's Party.Local heroes The Yours opened with their dark ,shoegazy sound and lots of new songs to be featured on their soon to be released album.Like the main band they have lots of passion for rock music although their style can be a little harder to get into and they seem to enjoy creating a moody,alienated sound which defies labels..Listening to their song 'Tasteless' ,you might well hear echoes of My Bloody Valentine but there's a lot of other things in the mix.To their credit ,they are one of the Hong Kong bands who have already created interest in publications like Drowned in Sound for their debut EP.
British Sea Power began their set in a fairly low-key way before climbing the heights with songs taken mainly from 'Do You Like Rock Music' apart from the anthemic 'Please Stand Up', the cinematic 'The Great Skua' and fan favourites 'Carrion' and 'Remember Me' but the band demonstrated that you can be a good indie band if you write good songs and a great indie band if you just defy genres like indie,rock,britpop,and experimental,mix them all together and see what happens.
The band have been described as eccentric live performers but the lead vocalist Scott is more like a performance artist than a rock star as he windmills his arms,crowd surfs and encourages the band and audience to come together and to revel in the unique musical experience that is a British Sea Power gig.Unforgettable.
By the time of the encore,he's invited the support band on stage to jam,bodysurf and have some fun with the band,the audience,everyone.I think the last song was 'A Wooden Horse' but I'm not sure,such was the mayhem created by one of indie's best live bands.

Rockraiser Festival

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The Hong Kong indie kid is finally coming of age on a day which saw a host of great bands lining up for a kids' fundraising extravaganza just hours before the awesome British Sea Power took to the stage. Thanks to Kap Liu of Crazy Young Master Hong Kong had its very own all day mini-festival featuring well-established Beijing bands New Pants and Queen Sea Big Shark alongside local rising stars Chochukmo and Modern Children just 1 week after our beaches were rocked for 3 days by more than 30 bands in the Silvermine Bay Music Festival.
Hoghlights of the show for me were sets by Modern Children and Chochukmo and the aforementioned Beijing garage-punk rocksters Queen Sea Big Shark and New Pants.Unlike the earlier scheduled version of this event back in April, we had a sunny afternoon to rock out beside the South China Sea.
Typically for this event, there was a relaxed family atmosphere with lots of extremely young rock fans getting into the action.
Modern Children are one of the many promising young bands on the Hong Kong indie circuit with lots of ideas, a unique folk-rock style and a perfect band for the occasion, kind of like Arcade Fire on an up day meets Noah and The Whale. Perfect indie folk-pop.
Chochukmo are the perfect band for any event as their playing can flow betwen pop, rock, latin and jazz.
Jan, Mike, Lester and Kitty aka Chochukmo are really getting better and better in their live shows.Having just returned from a successful tour they've also been voted best new band in Hong Kong and are currently producing their debut album.One of Hong Kong's most quirky and individual bands, they play in a style that encompasses, rock, pop, and latin with lead vocalist Jan's mercurial vocals leading the sonic intricacies and shifting mood changes.The band played a great set with favourites like 'Caroline'and' Number One ', closing with a jangly upbeat version of' Head To Toe '
Queen Sea Big Shark generated the kind of excitement that local fans always display for visiting mainland cousins as the band powered through their set, opening with a gentle electro-pop number before launching into their more typical spiky, hook-laden, new wave garage rock with synthesised loops in 'No, No No!', 'Kiss, Kill Bang!', 'Love is Pop'and other favourites from their debut album, complete with pounding drums from Xiao Wu, infectious guitar riffs from Cao Pu , strident bass from Wang Jinghan and Fu Han one of the current Beijing's scene's most appealing vocalists.The band were chosen to support The Yeah Yeah Y eahs.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Handsome Furs live in Hong Kong

With so many great new indie bands around it's great to see that we can check out some of them in small ,intimate venues like Grappa's in Hong Kong,thanks to Justin and The People's Party.
This gig saw up-and-coming and highly-rated Canadian band The Handsome Furs (fronted by Dan Bechner of Wolf Parade) paired up in an inriguing contrast with local heroes Noughts and Exxes,balancing the subtle,melancholic songs of Joshua Wong's band with the equally clever but more in-your-face style of the Canadian rocksters and Dan Bechner's anthemic,Springsteen -like vocals.
Noughts and Exxes live @ Grappa's

Ok,Handsome Furs really do sound even better,punkier and edgier live than on the new album and onstage they display the kind of energy that galvanises the audience into an uncontrollable frenzy as they launch into a bunch of songs from 'Face Control',gyrating ecstatically to the heavenly crescendo they create,always maintaining a beautiful,simple rock groove on songs like 'I'm Confused',''Legal Tender' and 'Radio Kalingrad',the dark menace of the lyrics always undercut by the upbeat driving tempo of the songs and the couple's obvious delight in performing.Dancing maniacally around the stage like rock'n'roll heroes Dan and Alexai just wound up the crowd to higher and higher levels of excitement with a bunch of beat-driven,hook-laden,super energetic,anthemic songs.One of 2009's best gigs in this city and a sign that the indie scene in Hong Kong is really maturing.Please, People's Party,lets have more.On my wish list would be Florence and The Machine,Los Campesinos and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.Oh ,and a return visit of The Handsome Furs would be great,too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good news for fans of alternative music in Hong Kong.
There's no doubt that the Hong Kong indie scene is improving when we have talented young bands who're already well known with other young guns following the trail they've blazed.That's highly encouraging for fans of the local music scene in a city full of bars pounding out bland ,stereotyped musical offerings.
First on in this Backstage gig were Chochukmo,just back from a highly successful Malaysian tour and even without their bassist they played an awesome acoustic set which highlighted Jan's vocals more than their normal raucous electric outings with favourites like 'Tell Laura I Love Her',a great version of 'Number One'  before closing the set with two of their killer songs,'Caroline' and 'Head To Toe'.
Chochukmo live @ Backstage
Chochukmo's feelgood jangle-pop harmonies were followed by the much more basic but hugely enjoyable post-punk of Shotgun Politics with a heady mixture of pounding drums,shouty vocals and a driving rhythm section operating at maximum velocity.
Shotgun Politics Backstage
Despite their youth ,headliners Innisfallen already have one very  good album ,'REALusion', and are already working on songs for their next so this was a chance to preview some newer material alongside favourites like'Beautiful Soul' and 'Butterfly Effect'(cue audience singalong and general mayhem from the crowd).Another great set from one of Hong Kong's best and indie bands.
Innisfallen 'Butterfly Effect'

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Emmy the Great-From Hong Kong to Glastonbury and back
So,what's your idea of a great indie show?Noisy guitars,pounding basslines,crashing drums and indecipherable lyrics?In this case you're wrong on all counts.
Rave reviews from indie expert Steve Lamacq and the fact that she was also fresh from an appearance at Glastonbury prompted me to check out this gig as my idea of indie is also generally along the lines of noisy electric guitars and shouty lyrics from either sullen or over-energetic performers in great bands like The Arcade Fire,Vampire Weekend ,Radiohead or local versions of those bands,unless it's someone experimental like Deerhunter ,Animal Collective etc.Emmy follows none of these paths but seems content just to let her acoustic guitar,amazing voice and complex,literate songs about relationships stand alone.
Using the set mainly to highlight material from her new 'First Love' album ,she launched into 'We Almost Had a Baby', 'Easter Parade', the hard-hitting 'Dylan' and 'First Love',just taking time out to sing one Faye Wong cover song in Chinese for her Hong Kong fans ,an uptempo version of 'Edward is Deadward ' and a (very brief')Michael Jackson mini-tribute after someone called out on her second encore for 'Billie Jean' finishing with uptempo versions of 'Where is My Mind?'and 'On the Museum Island'.It's the first time in Hong Kong that I and I guess many of the crowd have been so captivated by an acoustic indie performance.Emmy may not have come home to a reception like the wild crowds at Glastonbury last week but by her third encore it was clear that Lamacq knows a great performer when he sees one. Girls with acoustic guitars-indie fans ,it's the new way forward.
Emmy the Great live in Hong Kong

Emmy the Great 'The Easter Parade'

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Storm after The Calm...Witness and Innisfallen live

The Hunger Site

Two great live bands for Hong Kong indie fans to check out.This gig saw one of Hong Kong's best live bands, Innisfallen, giving a workout to some new material and more familiar favourites from their highly successful debut album'REallusion' and Witness ,the UK lo-fi indie rocksters with two albums that gained great critical acclaim and appearances on MTV’s Five Night Stand and Later With Jools Holland as well as tours supporting bands such as The Charlatans, Doves, Wilco and Embrace in between their own headline shows. The second album, 2001’s Under A Sun,after glowing reviews, led to main stage slots at all the major UK festivals including Glastonbury, Reading and the V Festival.

Innisfallen kicked off the show with lots of material from their excellent 2005 debut 'REallusion',and live versions of 'No Reply','Beautiful Soul','Hairstings'which now have a darker,heavier feel with Cheong Ho's drums more to the forefront as well as some newer songs which see the band exploring new directions.This band 's sets are always worth checking out and this was no exception with a good balance between crowd favourites and newer,more experimental material.
Innisfallen 'Orange'

Witness arrived trailing clouds of glory from their previous incarnation and look like a welcome addition to the Hong Kong indie scene.On display were some great songs mainly taken from the 'Before the Calm' album' and in frontman Gerard they have a talented,passionate vocalist with equally impressive performances by Ray Chan on lead guitar. You can hear lots of influences in their sound from The Verve (they're both from the same town) through to a Neil Young or REM altcountry sound.Going by the enthusiasm from the audience this band still have a lot to say.
Witness 'Here's One's For You'

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beijing wonderkids Carsick Cars live in Hong Kong

What a great gig for indie music fans in Hong Kong with two of Beijing's best bands performing at The Hangout.
Highlight of the show was a storming performance by headline act Carsick cars ,the Beijing band who've attracted international interest after performing with Sonic Youth,a moody ,rebellious racket that left our ears ringing.
First on were local band Unixx with some songs from their debut 'Nasty Fantasy' and a taste of some of their newer material which is heavier .In this band you can hear a reinterpretation of the classic,dark ,gothic style mixed with conventional rock. With Ed Poon's emotional guitar lead combining with Sean's vocals UNiXX's sound is melodic post-punk.
A Roller Control ,featuring Lona Records Alok Leung on bass is a heavy,dance-friendly monster which would be a welcome addition to any indie club night.From the moment Alok's heavy ,funky bass lines blasted out,complemented by percussion and all manner of electronica ,it was time to party.
A Roller Control is a 'Disco Punk band' consisting of Alok (programming / bass / guitars), Nerve (programming / keyboard), Nadim (vocals / guitar / keyboard), K (Vocals / keyboard) and Sebastian (drums...)
The Gar were a spectacular surprise.Less well known than the more acclaimed Carsick Cars,their set was full of intricate ,rocking guitar riffs and big songs with anthemic choruses that recalled early british bands like The Stone Roses,mixed with an amazing psychedelic guitar style.What seems at first like a maelstrom of sound has lots of intricate layers and textures.
The Gar live in Hong Kong

Carsick Cars gained deserved recognition due to their association with Sonic Youth who nominated them as their favourite Chinese band and their set had all the excitement you could demand of an upcoming indie guitar band.
Their sound is influenced by the Velvet Underground, Suicide and Sonic Youth and is a combination of explosive guitar and stabbing rhythms.
The band consists of Jeff Shou Wang on vocals, guitar, and loops, Li Qing on percussion, and Li Weisi on bass guitar.
Carsick Cars 'Zhong Nan Hai'

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hedgehog Tour '09 Atomic Rock

Hong Kong indie fans gave the best reception to noise-pop band Hedgehog that I've witnessed on the release of their new album 'Blue Day Dreaming' at The Fringe Club.
Kicking off the show were local indie heroes Born To Hula,with Angus on bass ,Harry on guitars and vocals and June on percussion and it was interesting to see 2 bands in transition with lots of new material to try out and a marked contrast in styles.Born To Hula are still at an experimental stage,trying out new styles and ideas while Hedgehog are perfecting and extending the noise-pop that is their trademark sound.
Born To Hula play in an edgy,agitated postpunk style with angular rhythms and dark lyrics on new songs like 'Hills of Sand','New Money' and 'Stick Figures'.The band have danceable beats,shouty punk style vocals and great hooks. It looks like they have a lot of good new songs that just need to be played live a few more times till they become as danceably addictive as their older material.
Born To Hula live @ The Hedgehog Tour '09
'Our youth is so perfect/We don't have time to waste'
One of Beijing's best bands,Hedgehog are a noise-pop trio with Z.O. on guitar and vocals,BoX on bass and the amazing Atom on drums.
The band play a spiky,rocking noise -pop ,driven by .Z.O's charismatic vocals, driving bass lines and percussion and just keep getting better in their live shows.In this set as they stormed through songs from the new album'Blue Day Dreaming' like 'In Spring' and 'Pseudomorph 'alongside old favourites like 'Noise Hit World' it was pop perfection and ecstasy for Hong Kong indie fans.
Beijing band Hedgehog Tour '09

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beijing Band Retros Tour '09

Beijing may have more and better bands than Hong Kong because of the comparative sizes of the two cities but it was still a great chance for local indie fans to enjoy and compare the performances of top Beijing band Retros and local indie band The Yours.Both bands have a liking for the darker side of indie but Retros have a more post-punk Gang of Four sound and The Yours are firmly in the shoegaze style of bands like The Telescopes and My Bloody Valentine.In support were The S.I.G.I.T. an Indonesian metal band playing an impressive set with lots of influences from classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The band are just back from a US tour ,playing in California and LA and having made a strong impression on their debut at the now renowned SXSW music festival.They rocked out the packed venue with a metalcore wig-out on songs like 'Horse' ,'No Hook' and 'Alright'.
The SIGIT live @ ReTROS Tour '09
The Yours , one of Hong Kong's best and edgiest young bands with a debut album that gained them recognition and praise in indie publications like Drowned in Sound ,their set moved the mood of the evening to a sombre shade of dark with songs like 'Hate You Hate Me'and 'Killer Killed.'This band started out with lots of shoegaze influences but now have a harder sound that's more like a mix between shoegaze,post-punk early Velvet Underground .Their moody noise ,with disaffected vocals and stabbing guitars from Jack and Nic and driving beats from Azia and Ho is the perfect soundtrack for rebellious indie fans.
The Yours live @ Fringe Club ReTROS Tour '09
Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues (Re-Tros) from Beijing see themselves as a return to the basic values from the bygone post-punk era.
Hua Dong (Vox & Guitars) credits bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, Television, and Pere Ubu among his greatest influences and this is in evidence most clearly on songs like 'Bela Lugosi's Back.' Lead vocalist Dong 's menacing,agitated style is perfectly suited to the doomy,dystopian lyrics about modern fractured life in songs like 'Surrender','My Great Location'and 'Boys in Cage' .Dong's vocals with Min's harmonies manage to make the sound both threateniing and aethereal while the songs are filled with addictive hooks and driving,heavy beats from Hui on drums.If Joy Division were reformed in 21st Century Beijing,this how they might sound.Nihilistic post-punk at its best.
ReTROS Tour '09 Hong Kong 'Girl Bye Bye'

Re-Tros has just released their debut full length album Watch Out! The Climate Has Changed Fat Mum Rises…with additional percussion and strings .

Monday, March 9, 2009

Young Knives live in Hong Kong

Good to see that Hong Kong is now attracting younger indie bands from the UK to smaller,more intimate venues as well as the superstars like Oasis,Coldplay to mega-arenas.
Multi-national band Poubelle International (Trashcan International ),now resident in Hong Kong, kicked off the show with a tight,rocking set that livened up the audience before the main attraction.,UK band Young Knives.
The band,dressed in matching white T-shirts with the numbers '1','2' and '3',have a raucous ,garage band sound with a retro-60's feel and they really had the crowd moving with songs like 'School Reunion' and 'Disaster'.
Poubelle International live @ Grappa's
After touring the UK and the US,Young Knives made a welcome return to Hong Kong and Asia,having headlined the Clockenflap festival in Hong Kong last year.The band have been steadily gaining fans and critical plaudits on the back of their first two albums with a bunch of great songs and some mentoring by Gang of Four's Andy Gill.The band eschews the intensity of bands like Bloc Party or the nu-rave of Foals for a playfully serious style on favourites like 'Weekdays and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)' and "Turn Tail' and Grappa's is soon a mass of fans grooving or just leaping about wildly to their jagged ,infectious rhythms.It's an impressive set from the trio as they power their way through a set of ridiculously brilliant songs.Hong Kong promoters,more new young bands please from the UK,US,China,Japan!
Young Knives live in Hong Kong

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hong Kong Flash

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Sammy's Kitchen may not yet have the ring of CBGB's in New York but it's a welcome addition to the Hong Kong indie scene scene with just the right amount of grit and character to be a credible rock venue.There was lots of good indie on display and not one clone band in sight.On the down side there were some major problems with the sound system.
Wilson Tsang and Kung Chi Shing opened the marathon show with a fairly low-keyset featuring Tom Waits-style piano blues and violin.
Hungry Ghosts took the stage next with a disappointing set for the band and their many fans due to sound problems which continued to aanoy throughout the night,leading to numerous delays and bands appearing about an hour later than scheduled.To their frustration,the band even had to cut their set before they really got into their stride to the disappointment of the band and their many fans.
Hungry Ghosts'Chinese Families'

One of the first highlights of the night was an appearance by local britpop band Innisfallen who already have a pretty large fan base following the release of their debut album and some awesome live shows.The set showed them getting back to their best live form with some new songs and some material from their debut including 'Beautiful Soul' and 'Butterfly Effect'.
Innisfallen 'Butterfly Effect'

The show gave us a chance to see some Macau-style indie in the shape of Evade,with their cool electronica,a bit like Belle and Sebastian meets Portishead with aetherial vocals from Sonia and aetherial,complex guitar melodies from Brandon.
Evade @ HK Flash

Born to Hula provide punk-style pop which always drives audiences a litle crazy but this was their best gig I've seen ,sending the crowd into a frenzy and pleading with the band to play more and more encores after a set of
punkish,hard-edged pop with some favourites like'Goner' and 'The la la song' and some new material in 'Young Pirates' and 'See Me After'.
Punk with a sense of fun.
Born To Hula 'We Tigers'

Modern Children.Definitely one of the best young bands playing in Hong Kong with lead vocalist Kenneth's energetic delivery and a set of addictive songs like 'Mongolian Song' (with Mongolian lyrics) and Map dealer.They also have an Arcade Fire like addiction for adding unconventional instruments to a standard rock band set-up of guitars and drums with violin,accordion and rainbow bells
.I'd love to see lots more of this unique -sounding band.
Modern Children @ HK Flash

YanYan Pang was the 'mystery guest' with her all-female band Hard Candy with some raucous garage punk and a slightly heavier tribute to Elliot Smith to finish the set.
Hard Candy @ HKFlash

Chochukmo are one of the most sought after live bands in Hong Kong with their catchy garage style indie.They come on about an hour late but with guitars blazing and no one's ready to leave as straightaway the band launch into a freaked out version of 'Caroline' followed by a crazy ,revved up 'Number One' and 'Head to Toe.'
It's a kind of punkish dance crossover with lots of sweet riffs.
Chochukmo 'Head to Toe'