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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hong Kong Live!

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Hong Kong Live @ the Fringe Club was a crazy,exhilirating mix of postpunk,electro and powerpop from local band The Lovesong,Dr Eggs and Manila's The Dorques.

Local favourites The Lovesong kicked the show to life with their agitated postpunk set in a blizzard of energized drumming,pounding bass and thundering guitars with punk style shouty vocals reminiscent of the 80s.The band are Nic and Ben Tse(guitar,bass and Ephraim(vocals,guitar )and Lee Yat Ding (drums).They stormed their way through a great set with 'Eastern Moments,Western Skies''Worlds Collided','Holding on is Losing' from their debut 'Deux Mille Sept'.

The Lovesong @ HK LIVE!

Dr Eggs played high-energy,playful rock with a touch of electro,with the help of Ng Ka Wing (bass,vocals) and Yanyan Pang of Hard Candy ,(guitar,vocals) with lots of leaping about from Joul.A fun set but a little ragged at the edges with covers of Ah Ha and The Doors.Check them out live or look out for their Cds 'Chinese Democracy' or 'Peepshow'.

Dr Eggs @ The Fringe Club

The Dorques @ HK LIVE!

Manila band The Dorques were headliners with a set that showed influences of hip hop,punk and French pop.With songs like 'Sparks','Le Metronome' and 'Lovin'n'Pumpin' they play guitar and synth-based indie pop -not exactly perfect harmonious pop but the Fringe Club seemed to enjoy their style.

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