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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rock for Sichuan

Helter Skelter (with HK's youngest rocker!)

My little airport .The Pancakes...

Edmond Tong
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Hong Kong Fringe Club was packed on Sunday 25th May to be part of a special concert organised to raise funds for the victims of the Sichuan. earthquake.In this city we're normally so time -conscious but today everyone freely gave their time and support.

The gig was a six-hour marathon event and in that space of time there were no less than 10 local artists playing all shades of music from cool jazz to postpunk rock.First band on at the early hour of 4.00 p.m. were A For with some jazz grooves,our blissful Sunday afternoon calm then shattered by the arrival of Gong Wu with their 'in-your-face'rock.Next up were Consent ,a young hip hop band,who are starting to gig regularly on the local scene,followed by So What with some medium tempo rock.

On a day when most people's thoughts were with the families in Sichuan,it seemed appropriate that Helter Skelter not only morphed from the wild blues rockers that they usually appear as into a gentler,acoustic sound and provided the evening with its most cute and youngest rocker (something to share with his kindergarten classmates-My First Gig!).

Edmond Tong maintained the chilled-out vibe of the afternoon with his gentle rock covers of classic songs like 'You've Got a Friend'.

Next on was The amazing Dejay Choi or The Pancakes.The innocent,tweepop style of this DIY performer just fitted the mood of the gig and showed another facet of the Hong Kong indie scene.

For serious indie addicts ,though,the evening was just getting into a rockier groove with the arrival of My Liitle Airport who opened their set with a track from their last album'J'ai Peur'The band played a set of refreshingly downbeat songs in their own eclectic style with a version of 'Stephanie Says' by The Velvet Underground and their own material including great versions of 'Victor ,Fly Me To Stafford','Dee,It may All End Tomorrow'.

Born To Hula are a great new britpop style outfit with lots of passion,energy and some great upbeat songs in the style of Vampire Weekend and other new wave bands.The sound is an intriguing blend of the passionate vocals of Harry Thompson,the pounding double bass of Angus leung and the crashing drums of June Ng.They played a blistering set rounded off with a great version of 'We Tigers'.
Born To Hula

Next on were The lovesong.Don't let the name fool you..the band are a torrent of energized drumming,pounding bass and thundering guitars with punk style vocals.The band are Nic and Ben Tse(guitar,bass and backing vocals),Ibraihim(vocals,guitar )and Stephen Suhail (drums).They stormed their way through a great set with'Worlds Collided','Eastern Moments,Western Skies','Starlight Shine Us So Bright'and 'Take Another Year To Rise'.
The lovesong live at The Fringe

Just when we thought it couldn't get much louder,onto the stage stormed the phenomenon that is DP.Just two guys but they can really rock! paul the drummer is well known for his sessions with local shoegazers The Yours.
The Fringe Club should be thanked for their generosity in supporting the event.Lets have more gigs like this where we can see good indie bands and help others!

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