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Monday, February 11, 2008

Lonely China Day-Sorrow

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Lonely China Day had a good year 1n 2007,and there's a real buzz about the band in Asia and also the USA where they featured in the famous SXSW festival.The band have been hailed as an Asian Sigur Ros but although the texture is definitely post rock there's still a pure rock feel to the band.The album is an exciting mix of folk rock with new age electronica and post rock.Just like The Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible ',the titles and lyrics may be downbeat but the overall mood is celebratory and upbeat.
The album lifts off slowly with 'Prelude',all delicate synthesizer and wistful lyrics ,followed by 'Thou 'with its brooding electronica and
haunting lyrics about a 'land of wealth,a man begging'.
One of my favourite tracks is the beautifully titled 'Red Blossom of plum and Me'.The song,based on a traditional Tang dynasty poem,is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity and the expressive lyrics are a perfect match for Deng Pei's expressive vocals.'One'is much more simple as if to reinforce the directness of the passionately sung lyrics ;'Land of wealth/A man begging'.


Songs like 'The Future' and 'Foraging China ' are much more upbeat.almost straight indie rock numbers and more like the band's live sets.

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