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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Me..... We at The Fringe Club Hong Kong

A-Day ..Tonick and Grin at The Fringe Club
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At the start of the show Jenny of local band GRIN told us that this was the last 'Me....We' show at the Fringe because of the lack of support for indie music locally.If that's the case then I suggest they should look to local promoters The Underground who are now increasing their monthly shows.What's their secret?I think it's at least in part due to the fact that they realise that with such a small target audience ,bands will do better with an expat as well as a local fan base and that means using a more international language.Even looking further afield to Beijing we can see that most of the best known bands like Snapline,Carsick Cars,Hedgehog, use at least some English in their songs and use English or American 80s or 90s bands as inspiration.
Grin opened their well received set with a fast paced number with a retro feel followed by a more downbeat ,blues based song.The band have a powerful rhythm section and they upped the tempo for the next song which was more upbeat with a big chorus.The band then played one song in English ,a cover of 'You're Just Too Good to be True',an unlikely choice for an indie band but well received by the crowd.The band's last song for me was the best as it had a more complex structure and more emotional intensity,bringing out more of the band's strengths of Jenny's vocals and a tight rhythm section.

GRIN at The Fringe Club

Now for the good news-punk is back!Tonick play in a neo-punk style that really got the audience moving.It may be difficult to make out the words but the band play with such energy and intensity that it really didn't matter.
Tonick live at 'Me...We...'

A-Day are a local indie outfit with Angus on vocals and some great playing by Day on guitar.The band play a mix of upbeat indiepop and more downbeat,emo songs.While Angus has a good voice for both types of material,I'd say that in live gigs,the upbeat material is better.

A-Day live at The Fringe Club

Next review.....Underground 52 coming soon.....

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