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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Underground 51 at The Cavern

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Underground 51 at the Cavern Hong Kong

Underground 51 at the Cavern Hong Kong .......

Gray @ Dream 5 live at the cavern

Underground 51 opened with some melodic ,upbeat indie from Gray @ Dream 5.The band members are Samson(drums),Kristal(bass) and Chris(guitar,vocals)of Gray@Dream 5.The band eased us into the evening with some upbeat ,britpop -tinged r&b on songs like'Riding with the radio' and slower more soulful numbers on 'Island Girl'(HK island?)...The band has a tight,blues -based sound a little like the classic bands of this genre.

Frozen Matches played a good set despite losing their vocalist 2 days before the gig! They bravely decided to play their set and even dedicated a song 'Shoot them down'to their ex-singer!The band are Bonnie(guitar),Karen(keyboard),Eunice(bass) and Kapo(drums).They played mainly their own material and one cover by The Killers.There were understandably some rough edges without their lead singer but I look forward to seeing this band again with a new lead vocalist.I think their best songs are mainly the upbeat electro pop that made me think of 80s bands like Erasure,Soft Cell and also the upbeat,indiepop style of Canadian duo Tegan and Sara.

Spodac are quite well known on the local scene.They are a band in the modern rock style and play tight, no nonsense rock with a punch.As usual they were a big hit with the crowd with songs like'Breathtaker' and 'Gravity'and my favourite,a new song the palindromic 'Madam,I'm Adam'.The band are Nick(vocals),Bryant(guitar),Tommi (bass)and Jason (drums).Sounds a bit like Foo Fighters.Powerful,accomplished sound and a big hit with the crowd.

It looked like lots of indie music fans were there mainly to see Innisfallen.They have established a reputation as a great live act and gained lots of new fans since the release of their debut 'REALlusion' at the end of 2007. The band opened their set with 'Hours of rain' from that album with its intricate guitar riffs and haunting lyrics,followed by 'Winter'and 'Of a Beautiful Soul'.Innisfallen have a great lead vocalist in Eric Cheung but the band's popularity owes just as much to the other band members,Sam(lead guitar),Chun Lung (bass) and Sui Cheong (drums).The band have some great material,well crafted indie with shades of light and darkness,all delivered with style and lots of jangly guitars.THere are lots of good up and coming bands in Hong Kong but Innisfallen are one of the best.The band finished their set with a storming version of 'Butterfly Effect' and a huge response from the crowd.Definitely one of Hong Kong's best indie bands and I wished their set was longer.If you haven't bought their album 'REALlusion' then look out for it.

Up Dharma Down was for me the most interesting of the night's bands because their music is so freestyle and difficult to categorise moving from soul through rock to jazz.The band have been featured as one of Asia's most promising bands in Time magazine and also featured on MTV. The band are Armi (vocals,keyboards),Carlos (lead guitar),Paul (bass) and Ean (drums)The singer Ami has a great,soulful Amy Winehouse style,voice and the and the band behind her,especially Carlos on lead guitar,can really kick up a sonic storm.Most of their material was medium -paced but they can also rock it out.Highlights for me were 'Only for a Second' ,'We Give in Sometimes' and 'I Apologise'.This is one band I'd love to see again.

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